Did You Forget to Patch Your IP Camera?

Did You Forget to Patch Your IP Camera?


IP cameras are usually a purchase, install, and don’t-touch type of device. But in the current climate of cyber-attacks, they now require regular updates and patches. Otherwise your security tool may be hacked, leak video, or join a cybercriminal botnet without you knowing.
Like all Internet connected devices, IP cameras are at risk of attack from online threats. Recent attacks have shown just how easy it is to hack hundreds of thousands of cameras, TV’s, routers, and DVR’s. Manufacturers are working to remediate the known weaknesses by providing patches. But in most cases, it requires the owners to take action and install the updates.
Sony recently released new firmware for 80 different models of its IP cameras, to improve their resistance against cyberattacks. They are not alone, as many of the biggest manufacturers of IP cameras have issued a variety of updates in the past year, including Siemens and Foscam. Manufacturers which release patches are doing a service for their customers. Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices require continual updates as threats in cyberspace change and adapt. Our technology must also keep pace or fall victim.

Source: http://www.digit.in/apps/did-you-forget-to-patch-your-ip-camera-32961.html
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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