Tux4Ubuntu: Tuxify Your Ubuntu Linux This New Year

Tux4Ubuntu: Tuxify Your Ubuntu Linux This New Year


If you’re a big fan of Linux kernel’s official mascot Tux, then this open source tool is like a perfect new year gift for you. Using the command line, Tux4Ubuntu tool allows you to install Tux themes, icons, wallpapers, games, and even put Tux on the boot loader of your Linux distribution.
Tux is the official mascot of Linux. He is named so because the penguin looks as if he is wearing a tuxedo. Tux isn’t much visible on various distributions that borrow the Linux kernel as their base. Tux4Ubuntu is a project aimed at bringing Tux to the never before places in the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
“We want to bring Tux, the Linux penguin, to Ubuntu! From boot to desktop we’ve created themes that include Tux in all the right places,” says the team behind the Tux4Ubuntu project.
The free and open source Tux4Ubuntu tool allow you to install Tux themes and skins on Ubuntu 16.04 (and above) using the command line. You can view changes from the moment your Linux distro powers up and displays the boot loader screen and all the way to Tux-themed login screen, icons, fonts, wallpapers, etc.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/tux4ubuntu-tux-penguin-ubuntu-linux/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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