New Mailing List

New Mailing List


Hi folks!

The current mailing list has almost 20,000 email addresses in it. A lot of which are junk. It’s also currently quite difficult to remove names from the list. It has to be done manually. Which is a nuisance.

So, I’ve started a new mailing list via MaliChimp SendInBlue (edit: we quickly outgrew the free plan on MailChimp). This will make it much easier to control, and for you to unsubscribe yourself if need be.

So, if you want an email when a new issue comes out please fill in your email address in the ‘Full Circle Mailing List‘ (top right on the site) and click ‘Subscribe‘. You’ll get an email asking you to click a link to make sure it is you. It’s a double opt-in to stop spammers filling in other peoples details.

All the best to you, and yours, for 2017!


  1. Well… you say “top right”, but for me on my mobile device, it’s near the bottom! Still, thanks for an amazingly consistent and informative magazine 🙂

  2. Ok, the link arrived after quite some time. Wishing you and the Linux community a successful 2017!

  3. Hello! I have been trying to renew my full circle magazine subscription with you. Your entry field in the top right keeps on saying “You have received an email. Please click on the confirmation link.“.
    This is not true I Have Not Received an Email from you to confirm my subscription, and yet it says I have. I checked my Spam and Trash on three different email accounts. It has been one day now and it still hasn’t arrived! Please fix this since I like your magazine.

  4. Ronnie, how long is the wait before I get the link? Will it be days or weeks?
    I ask as I sent my first request a few days ago.

    • Not sure why you didn’t get a second email Jonathan, but I’ve manually added you to the mailing list. Sorry about that.

      If anyone hasn’t received a second email: drop me an email, and I can add you manually.

  5. Hi Ronnie,
    Please add me to your mailing list. I’ve tried many times over the past month to do this on the website. You might want to look into why it doesn’t work.

  6. Hi Ronnie, I have had the ’email already sent’ message too, without any ever having arrived
    If you could add me manually that would be great. Very impressed with the work you do through FCM, and appreciative of it.

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