Ktube Media Downloader Is a Powerful App to Download YouTube Videos on...

Ktube Media Downloader Is a Powerful App to Download YouTube Videos on Ubuntu


Ktube Media Downloader appears to be the successor of Ultimate Media Downloader, another video downloader utility that the developer created a long time ago. However, the new app is a lot more powerful, featuring a modern and dark graphical user interface, and lots of attractive new features.
Designed as a freeware app, Ktube Media Downloader will allow users to browse and download YouTube videos on their Ubuntu desktops. All of its powerful features are offered for free, but you’ll only be able to download up to two videos daily as the developer wants you to pay approximately $3 USD to unlock the full version.
You can search YouTube for any video and download it with a single click. Various search filters can also be applied, and the application can be used in your native language. Ktube Media Downloader also lets users play their favorite live YouTube channels with one click.
Best of all, Ktube Media Downloader will let you download YouTube videos in the quality you choose (720p, 1080p, etc.) and supports downloading of media files in various custom formats. It also lets you download only the audio channel of a YouTube video and supports downloading of videos in different formats.

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