Canonical Now Offers Mesa 13.0.4 for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10...

Canonical Now Offers Mesa 13.0.4 for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 in a PPA


As we reported earlier this week, the soon-to-be-released Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system won’t ship with the latest Mesa 13.0.x 3D Graphics Library, but with Mesa 12.0.6.
If you’ve read our previous report, you know that we provided users with detailed instructions on how to upgrade their Mesa graphics stack from version 12.0.6 to 13.0.4, but it now looks like Canonical’s Timo Aaltonen has prepared a PPA (Personal Package Archive) for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 with Mesa 13.0.4.
“Mesa 13.0.x is not going to be in 16.04 LTS. And it has only been days since it received the ‘dated’ 12.0.6 release as an SRU together with 16.10,” said Timo Aaltonen, Hardware Enablement, Field Expert Squad Team Lead at Canonical. “That said, 13.0.4 is now available on ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates for both 16.04 and 16.10.”
Canonical’s Mesa 13.0.4 is compiled against LLVM 3.9.1, here’s how to install it
In the blog announcement, Timo Aaltonen informs those who are interested in bumping their Mesa 3D Graphics Library version to the 13.0 series that the packages are compiled against LLVM 3.9.1, which adds various improvements for AMD Radeon users. As such, you’ll be able to play some of the latest games that required these components.

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