Hardened Node.js distro comes to Docker-friendly Alpine Linux

Hardened Node.js distro comes to Docker-friendly Alpine Linux


NodeSource is releasing a distribution of its enterprise-level, commercially supported NSolid Node.js runtime that works with Docker-friendly Alpine Linux. NSolid for Alpine Linux is intended to work with Alpine’s small footprint and security capabilities, said Joe McCann, NodeSource CEO.
With the NSolid Node.js runtime, the company accommodates three critical enterprise technologies: the Linux kernel, Docker containers, and Node.js server-side JavaScript applications.
Containers using Alpine require a maximum of 8MB, and installing it to disk takes up as little as about 130MB. There has been a rise in Alpine Linux Docker distributions because of Alpine’s tiny footprint, McCann said. The Alpine kernel also offers security enhancements preventing a class of zero-day and other vulnerabilities. Users get a secure option for running Node apps in containers, said McCann.
Built around the musl library and BusyBox utilities, Alpine is a noncommercial, general-purpose Linux distribution intended for power users.

Source: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3190606/javascript/hardened-nodejs-distro-comes-to-docker-friendly-alpine-linux.html
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