Google Earth for Chrome & Android gets upgraded with guided tours, more...

Google Earth for Chrome & Android gets upgraded with guided tours, more discovery features


Google has unveiled its new vision for Google Earth, the software that combines satellite imagery, topographic maps and 3D cities, to help you better visualize the planet. The company is now rolling out an update for Google Earth for web and Android, two years in the making, that will introduce features like guided tours, Knowledge cards, as well as Google’s classic “I’m feeling lucky” button for more spontaneous discoveries, and more.
Voyager is Google’s Earth’s showcase of guided tours, which have been created with the help of “some of the world’s leading storytellers, scientists and nonprofits,” Google says in its announcement of the launch.
For example, there’s a tour called Natural Treasures from BBC Earth which takes you to half a dozen habitats around the world, including mountains and jungles, where you can learn about the wildlife. Jane Goodall hosts a tour in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania, where she talks about her team’s chimpanzee research and conservation efforts. Even Sesame Street is participating with its Girl Muppets Around the World tour. NASA is working with Google Earth, too.
The tours themselves encompass other features, like 360-degree videos and Google Maps’ Street View imagery.

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