NetworkManager 1.8 Is Officially Out, Handles PINs for PKCS#11 Tokens as Secrets

NetworkManager 1.8 Is Officially Out, Handles PINs for PKCS#11 Tokens as Secrets


NetworkManager 1.8 is a major release that introduces numerous improvements and new features over the NetworkManager 1.6 series. Prominent ones include more flexible configurations for hostname management, as well as support for more route options like mtu, lock-mtu, initrwnd, lock-initrwnd, cwnd, lock-cwnd, tos, window, lock-window, pref-src, src, initcwnd, and lock-initcwnd.
The nmcli component has been updated in this release to be able to produce more machine parsing-friendly output, new “driver:” device specification was implemented in NetworkManager.conf to support matching of networking devices, the ability to handle PINs for PKCS#11 tokens as secrets was added, and EAP-FAST support in wpa_supplicant was improved.
Among other noteworthy improvements that landed in the NetworkManager 1.8 stable series of the open-source network connection management tool, we can mention support for creating and managing dummy links, support for attaching user-data in the form of key-value pairs to network connection profiles, and the ability to set a hardcoded MAC address to teaming devices.
The new release also implements a persist managed state for a network device to improve the seamless takeover of another device that was previously managed after restart, and it now penalizes those default routes that failed connectivity checks with a higher metric. Better error responses are now sent to the nmcli command when a connection fails to activate.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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