KDE Plasma 5.10 Will Let You Install Snaps and Flatpaks, Support GNOME’s...

KDE Plasma 5.10 Will Let You Install Snaps and Flatpaks, Support GNOME’s ODRS


KDE Plasma 5.10 promises many new features and improvements over the KDE Plasma 5.9 release that probably many of you are using right now on your GNU/Linux distributions, but which reached end of life with the release of the KDE Plasma 5.9.5 maintenance update last month.
So now most of the hardcore KDE fans are expecting for KDE Plasma 5.10 to land, which will happen at the end of the month, but, until then, there’s a Beta that should arrive for public testing this coming Monday, on May 15, to give users an early taste of what should they expect from the major release of the popular desktop environment.
It just happens that we got our hands on some of the features coming to the KDE Plasma 5.10 release, so we’d like to share them here with you. For starters, you should already know from our previous reports that Folder View will be the default desktop, featuring spring loading, a unified drop menu, and a revamped rename UI.
The second awesome feature of the KDE Plasma 5.10 desktop environment will be support for installing applications as Snaps or Flatpaks via the Plasma Discover graphical package manager, which now supports GNOME’s ODRS (Open Desktop Ratings Service) for reviews and comments of apps.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-plasma-5-10-will-let-you-install-snaps-and-flatpaks-support-gnome-s-odrs-515658.shtml
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