KDE Plasma 5.10 Enters Beta with Snap & Flatpak Support, Folder View...

KDE Plasma 5.10 Enters Beta with Snap & Flatpak Support, Folder View by Default


First and foremost, a new version of the Plasma Discover package manager is included in KDE Plasma 5.10 with support for Snap and Flatpak packages.
Also new in Plasma Discover is support for GNOME’s Open Desktop Ratings Service (ODRS) for reviews and comments of KDE apps, which replaces the old Ubuntu popularity contest. The Task Manager was improved as well, and it now lets users group and ungroup apps using the middle mouse click.
The enablement of Folder View as the default desktop in KDE Plasma 5.10 is something that most KDE fans know from early March, but it’s finally here with its spring loading functionality (see the GIF below to see it in action), space-saving icon grid, better mouse behavior, redesigned rename interface, and unified drop menu.
The Folder View also saw massive performance improvements, and it looks like it now lets users resize widgets on the desktop just by dragging on their edges and moving them with Alt+left-click. But there are many other enhancements like better back button history, clickable location in the headings, and Undo shortcut support.
KDE Plasma 5.10 features a new Plymouth Splash Screen module in System Settings that allows you to choose your favorite Plymouth boot splash for the operating system, as well as to access new ones. Support for touchscreens got a lot better too by supporting the built-in virtual keyboard on the lock and login screens.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-plasma-5-10-enters-beta-with-snap-flatpak-support-folder-view-by-default-515724.shtml
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