This scary Android malware can record audio, video and steal your data

This scary Android malware can record audio, video and steal your data


A new form of malware has proved to be one of the most advanced Android information-stealers ever discovered, enabling attackers to open a backdoor in order to monitor data, steal information, record audio and video, and even infect the phone with ransomware.
Dubbed GhostCtrl, the malware can stealthily control many of the infected device’s functions — and researchers have warned that that this is just the beginning, and the malware could evolve to become a lot worse.
This new malware appears to be based on OmniRAT, a form of spying software capable of giving hackers full remote control of devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android — although, unlike its apparent predecessor, GhostCtrl focuses purely on Android.
Mobile devices have become an increasingly valuable target for cybercriminals and those conducting espionage, not only because they can provide information about virtually every aspect of a target’s lives, but because the device will almost always be with them.
Discovered by researchers at Trend Micro, GhostCtrl forms part of a wider campaign targeting Israeli hospitals with the information-stealing Windows RETADUP worm — but the mobile arm of the attack represents an even more dangerous threat to victims.
The most worrying aspect of the malware isn’t just its ability to intercept messages from contacts specfied by the attacker, as GhostCtrl can also stealthily record audio and video, enabling the attackers to conduct full-on espionage on victims.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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