Container Linux by CoreOS

Container Linux by CoreOS


Container Linux by CoreOS, originally named CoreOS Linux, is an open source operating system (OS) that provides the functionality required to deploy and manage applications within containers. Based on the Linux kernel, Container Linux by CoreOS is designed for massive scale, with management features to ensure minimal operational overhead.
Container Linux by CoreOS relies on included technologies to create and deploy containers, as well as create or join a container cluster, orchestrated by a container orchestration manager. The OS enables containers to run atop a distributed system, which can benefit application performance and protect workload uptime during failover. CoreOS is also lightweight: The ISO images require 263.2 megabytes of space. This leaves more resources free for the workload to consume than with a heavier, general-purpose OS.
CoreOS offers several products in addition to Container Linux, including the Rkt container engine and a commercial enterprise version of Kubernetes named Tectonic. While Container Linux is open source, CoreOS sells support for the OS.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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