Linux-Powered Ataribox is Basically a Steam Machine

Linux-Powered Ataribox is Basically a Steam Machine


Atari deserves credit for making some classic arcade video games in the 1970s, and for helping make console gaming a thing with the Atari 2600. But these days the company is a shell of a shell of a former self, more famous for lending its logo to Blade Runner 2049 than for putting out quality new video games.
That’s why were were intrigued when Atari announced earlier this year that they were crowdfunding a new piece of gaming hardware called the Ataribox. Aside from a slick design straddling wood-paneled nostalgia and sleek modernity, details were scarce.
The Ataribox allegedly features a custom AMD processor with Radeon Graphics technology allowing it to bring a “full PC experience to the TV” which includes apps like streaming and web browsing and social networking. Like Steam Machines, the Ataribox will also run a version of Linux, not Windows, with a custom interface. Atari promises that not only will the box play classic Atari games but also presumably modern PC games from other studios that run on Linux and support the specs. So Pong and… Crysis?
Honestly, the idea of Atari making a new console in 2018 is almost too crazy to accept. But when you start to think about it, this device begins to sound like their equivalent to a set-top Android box or Apple TV or something. The targeted $249-299 price point, while comparable to other non-4K consoles, is still far below a true high-end gaming PC.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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