Ubuntu 17.10 Corrupts the BIOS of Some Lenovo Laptops, Respin ISOs Coming...

Ubuntu 17.10 Corrupts the BIOS of Some Lenovo Laptops, Respin ISOs Coming Soon


Lubuntu developer Simon Quigley informs us that many users are reporting corrupt BIOS on their Lenovo laptops when attempting to install the latest Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system.
The issue is causing the BIOS of several Lenovo laptops to no longer save new settings. Once you’ve installed Ubuntu 17.10 and you reboot the laptop, the system will start with the old BIOS settings. The cause appears to be related with the intel-spi-* drivers in the Linux kernel, which aren’t ready for use.
Lenovo B40-70, Lenovo B50-70, Lenovo B50-80, Lenovo Flex-10, Lenovo G40-30, Lenovo G50-70, Lenovo G50-80, Lenovo S20-30, Lenovo U31-70, Lenovo Y50-70, Lenovo Y70-70, Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad (20C0), Lenovo Yoga 2 11″ – 20332, Lenovo Z50-70, Lenovo Z51-70, and Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBY are among the Lenovo laptops known to be affected by the issue. A Toshiba S50t-B laptop is also affected.
Canonical is aware of the issue and posted a notification on the Ubuntu 17.10 download page of their ubuntu.com website to inform those with Lenovo laptops not to download the ISO images, though other users can still download them using the alternative downloads and torrent links. Lubuntu and Kubuntu devs are also aware of the issue and posted similar statements on Twitter.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-17-10-corrupts-the-bios-of-some-lenovo-laptops-respin-isos-coming-soon-519060.shtml
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