Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2 Released with Windows and macOS Fixes

Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2 Released with Windows and macOS Fixes


Firefox 58.0.2 comes with fixes for a signature validation issue during update on macOS, as this has prevented some users from installing the latest version. Apple users are now supposed to be provided with a bug-free experience in this new version, especially if they’re using the built-in update system.
Then, Mozilla says that it has addressed blocklisted graphics drivers related to the off main thread painting crashes. This is a problem that was reported in both the main Firefox 58 release and the later update to version 58.0.1, and the parent company claims everything should work correctly now.
Additionally, Firefox 58.0.2 introduces a fix for a tab crash occurring when printing documents. There were only isolated reports in this regard, and printing for example worked correctly on my work system, but with this new version, the task should run even smoother for everyone.
And last but not least, this new update comes to fix clicking links and scrolling emails on Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook webmail. In the previous versions, users were complaining of various link issues when accessing the inbox of the Microsoft emails, so updating to Firefox 58.0.2 should refine the experience.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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