Opera 51 Released: It’s 38% Faster Than Firefox Quantum 58

Opera 51 Released: It’s 38% Faster Than Firefox Quantum 58


Mozilla triggered the browser war with the release of Firefox 57 aka Quantum. But comparing the two proved it wasn’t easy to defeat king Chrome.
With the release of Opera 51, the Opera browser also finds itself in the battle. Its developers claim that the new version, based Chromium 64, is around 38% faster (Speedometer 2.0 benchmark) than Firefox 58 when tested on an HP Spectre running Windows 10. The reason behind the quickness is Opera 51’s Windows version is compiled with Clang.
The new version adds to the browsers feature set which includes a tool to block cryptojacking on people’s computers. A click to scroll feature makes things easier and probably removes the need for a mouse on laptops. A user can click a tab to automatically scroll to the top from the bottom and click it again to return to the bottom of the page.
Opera 51 makes the reset process easier by including a new ‘Reset browser settings’ button in Settings > Browser. The option deletes all the data excluding bookmarks, internet history, and saved passwords. Earlier, the process involved creating a separate preferences file and removing the entire browser from the system.
The new stable version also marks the return of the bookmark import/export feature. When watching videos, users can pop-out the player in a separate window. Now, Opera has added a ‘back to tab’ option in the video pop-out to go back to the tab playing the video.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/opera-51-released-its-38-faster-than-firefox-quantum/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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