Alliance against European ancillary copyright

Alliance against European ancillary copyright


The Association of Internet Economy Eco supports an alliance against a European ancillary copyright. In an open letter to CDU politician Axel Voss, European Parliament’s chief negotiator on copyright reform, the Alliance calls for a move away from plans to introduce European copyright law for press publishers.
The Alliance represents associations of European institutions, companies, journalists, libraries, news publishers and other organizations.
The European Parliament considers that the ancillary copyright is necessary in order to preserve quality journalism, the Eco-Association writes in its communication. In contrast, the signatories of the open letter argue that the ancillary copyright for press publishers is absolutely not necessary. There is no corresponding copyright gap. In addition, the ancillary copyright law contradicts the basic idea of ​​freedom of expression and information on the Internet, writes Eco. Also, the hope to strengthen the fight against fake news, would be counteracted with the ancillary copyright.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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