Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: The Linux for AI, clouds, and containers

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: The Linux for AI, clouds, and containers


Even in 2018, if you ask most people what they know about Ubuntu, they’ll tell you it’s a desktop Linux. Oh, but there’s so, so much more to Canonical’s Ubuntu than that, and in its latest long-term support (LTS) release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, that really shows up.
n a conference call interview, Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s CEO and Ubuntu’s founder, said, “Most public cloud instances — Azure, AWS, Oracle, and so on — are Ubuntu. To better support Ubuntu, 18.04 features improvements in network and storage and improved boot time optimization so that Ubuntu instances can ramp up faster with demand. In addition, Canonical has been working with NVIDIA to improve its public cloud General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) support.”
Kubeflow, the Google approach to TensorFlow on Kubernetes, and a range of CI/CD tools are integrated in Canonical Kubernetes and aligned with Google GKE for on-premise and on-cloud AI development.
Shuttleworth claimed Canonical OpenStack delivers private cloud with significant savings over VMware with a modern, developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API). With built-in support for NFV and GPGPUs, the Canonical OpenStack offering has become a reference cloud for digital transformation workloads. Today, Ubuntu is at the heart of the world’s largest OpenStack clouds, both public and private, in key sectors such as finance, media, retail, and telecommunications.

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/ubuntu-18-04-lts-the-linux-for-ai-clouds-and-containers/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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