Red Hat Exec Says IBM Must Keep the Open-Source Culture Untouched

Red Hat Exec Says IBM Must Keep the Open-Source Culture Untouched


Speaking at the Red Hat Forum 2018 in Sydney, Bill-Peter explained that the acquisition “shocked” the company’s employees, suggesting that this takeover should take place smoothly in order to leave the open-source culture untouched.
Otherwise, Red Hat’s mission would be altered and this could eventually lead to en-masse departures from the company.
“At Red Hat we have like 13,000 people. If the open source culture gets impacted, trust me, many of those 13,000 people will leave,” he was quoted as saying.
“For me being in engineering, different things are more important. It’s commitment to open source. Because we truly believe that open source and the open source way leads to better products, better innovation.”
Bill-Peter went on to state that it’s critical for HP to allow Red Hat to operate independently, and while the new leadership could dictate the new direction of the company, it shouldn’t be substantially different from where it’s heading to today.
While IBM hasn’t yet outlined its plans for Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat’s CEO, said in a statement announcing the takeover in late October that IBM could help the company “accelerate the impact of open source” given its resources.
Red Hat has long been a target for tech giants, and while the IBM takeover took many by surprise, people familiar with the matter revealed many years ago that talks over a potential acquisition involved several other companies, including software firm Microsoft and Google.

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  1. IBM is a fucking mess as an organization. Red Hat will suffer through their decision, unfortunately 🙁

  2. Old Red Hat: getting paid to foster a community of tech development.
    New Red Hat: getting paid to slave a community to further the cash profits for the rich.

    Time to swap to Debian?

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