ReactOS, the Open Source Windows Clone, Can Now Boot from Btrfs Drives

ReactOS, the Open Source Windows Clone, Can Now Boot from Btrfs Drives


Like every other new ReactOS release, version 0.4.10 introduces something new for users to try out on their personal computers and keep them busy until the next release lands. Without any further ado, the biggest new feature in ReactOS 0.4.10 is the ability of the operating system to boot from Btrfs formatted drives.
This major change allowing users to install and boot ReactOS from a disk drive formatted with the Btrfs file system was possible thanks to an implementation of the WinBtrfs Windows driver for the next-generation file system for Linux-based operating systems based on the copy-on-write (COW) principle.
Apart from the WinBtrfs implementation, the ReactOS 0.4.10 release adds improvements to the graphical shell’s functionality like the interaction with multiple windowed applications, the overall look and feel of the operating system, especially the MSI installers, as well as file copying and shortcut creation functionality.
The overall stability of ReactOS has been improved as well in this release, meaning that the operating system and apps should crash less, resulting in fewer BSODs and a much smoother performance. ReactOS 0.4.10 also brings more detailed BIOS information to the ReactX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag).

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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