Endless OS Functionality Controls Simplify Computing

Endless OS Functionality Controls Simplify Computing


Endless OS is an unusual Linux distro in that its user interface is more like an Android smartphone or tablet than a Linux desktop computer platform.
Version 3.5.4, released on Jan. 17, brings parental controls and other refinements that make this distro a cool alternative to the Chromebook for home, educational and community use. Endless OS goes a long way to eliminating the learning curve attached to using more traditional Linux OSes.
This ease-of-use performance makes it a good selling point as a computing platform for kids and for groups of users within a school — as well as in other agencies that control what users can access and configure.
That is precisely the target user base envisioned in the marketing plan of U.S.-headquartered Endless Solutions, the company behind the operating system.
The Endless OS community’s goal is to build a global platform for digital literacy. It has outlined two strategies to pursue that mission.
One marketing strategy is the company’s simplified EOS desktop. It eliminates the technology barrier that often inhibits newcomers to computing in general, and Linux in particular.
The second strategy is the sale of a new breed of affordable desktop computers shipped with the Endless OS. You buy the box and plug in your own monitors, mouse and keyboard.
Choices include various sized oval, elliptical, square and rectangular boxes. Colors vary too. So do the memory and storage options.
The resource needs of Endless computers, much like Chromebooks, are far from heavy. The OS runs well on 1-GB, 2-GB and 4-GB configurations. eMMC cards and hard drive storage offer a range of options from 32 GB to 128 GB.
Endless gives new users a familiar computer system with a large bundled collection of more than100 personal, business and educational applications to meet nearly any need. This distro is ready to use out of the box, and it offers some helpful tools to make computing easier for young and old.

Source: https://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Endless-OS-Functionality-Controls-Simplify-Computing-85819.html
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