News from Ubuntu Touch

News from Ubuntu Touch


The developers of Ubuntu Touch hold bi-weekly video sessions in which they discuss new developments, present achievements and answer questions from users. So also last week with Ubuntu Touch Q & A 46. The recording of the session is available as a video or audio file.
Much work has gone into the JavaScript base of the UBports installer. The number of reported errors has been reduced from 400 to 70, with most of the 70 errors being new and resulting from the changes made. Although the installer is much better now, manual installation instructions have been created that use only the terminal.
Some users prefer this method, but above all, it is also an alternative for users for whom the installer does not work adequately. Progress was also made on the core apps. This includes Calendar, which now has a tab view for toggling day, month, and year. In addition, work has been done on translations for the weather app and openstore. The team would be pleased if users with knowledge of JavaScript would further improve the installer. Also help with translations is welcome.
Last week, developers received two dev kits from the upcoming PinePhone, which is expected to reach the market this year for around $ 150. The developers were able to present Ubuntu Touch already running on it. Dev kits for the Librem 5 have not yet received the developers.
A user’s question about Ubuntu Touch’s market share highlights a problem many projects face. On the one hand, it is important for the development to have key data on the distribution of the software, on the other hand, telemetry data is frowned upon in many places, as Mozilla has to experience again and again. In answer to the question, the developers said there were about 10 million download requests, but this number alone was not very meaningful.
In addition, it is only known that currently 2,300 users have installed a snap version of the installer. One now wants to find ways to collect meaningful, non-sensitive information. For example, it’s about finding out which devices users use the most and how users fluctuate between devices. For Ubuntu Touch OTA 9, there are updates for Unity 8 and Mir, the development of which can be tracked on UBports’ GitHub presence.

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