Microsoft sells unauthorized Arch Linux

Microsoft sells unauthorized Arch Linux


For a long time, Microsoft’s redmond manufacturer has been using a dedicated Linux subsystem to run Linux applications on Windows. After initially speculating on the meaning of the development, later all indications indicated that Microsoft wants to natively support Ubuntu and integrate it as an integral part in Windows 10. Over time, the manufacturer expanded the offering and added more distributions to the Windows Store.
Besides Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse can also be installed directly from the company’s store. From now on, anyone interested in Arch Linux will also find another popular distribution included with the offer. WSL Arch Linux allows users to use the terminal and use the standard tools on the Bash command line. Additional applications can also be installed with the regular Arch Linux tools. Graphical operation is not installed by default.
In contrast to the distributions already offered, WSL Arch Linux is neither an official product of Arch Linux nor an authorized modification of the operating system. While the other distributions offered in the Microsoft Store are managed by the official distribution teams, WSL Arch Linux is rather a private hobby project of a Chinese developer. To make matters worse, the system in the standard version includes servers that are not officially maintained by the Arch Linux team.
The use of the distribution without the consent of Arch Linux could therefore be quite problematic. As Robin Broda of Arch Linux writes on Twitter, the company violated in his opinion not only against the license terms of the distribution, but also against their own terms of use.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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