Linux-based OS Is Saving $430 Million In Indian State of Kerala

Linux-based OS Is Saving $430 Million In Indian State of Kerala


Using Linux-based operating systems have tons of advantages like better security and freedom to customize the open source software. Another major advantage that attracts different organizations and schools is the cost saving that comes along the way. In the past, we have reported various European cities going the Linux way to cut down the costs and save the public’s money.
As per a recent report published in Financial Express, schools in the Indian state of Kerala are saving about Rs 3,000 crore by moving to a Linux-based operating system. This news follows a previous report from 2017 that mentioned that Kerala is saving Rs. 300 crore each year. If the report is to be believed, it seems that the South Indian state is making great progress in making open source software available in schools.
As per K Anvar Sadath, the executive director of KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education), more than 200,000 computers will be running Linux-based operating system next year and more than 150,000 primary teachers will be trained for the same.
Sadath adds that if the state had chosen proprietary software like Windows, Microsoft Office, etc., each PC would have added about Rs 1.5 lakh in licensing. If you calculate the cost-saving for the 200,000 computers, the total saving turns out to be $430 Million (Rs 3,000 crores).

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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