South Korea wants to switch from Windows 7 to Linux

South Korea wants to switch from Windows 7 to Linux


The government of the country South Korea wants to operate its administration in the future on the free Linux, instead of as before on Windows. This is reported by the English-language daily The Korea Herald in its online edition. According to the report, the Ministry of Homeland Security announced this decision last week.
It also states that the ministry would like to first run a test run with Linux systems on its computers as well as a security check. In addition, an attempt should be made to establish compatibility with previously used Windows programs and web applications on the new system or to test out this part of the migration. Should these tests succeed, the Linux systems should be rolled out throughout the government administration.
As the main reason for the change from Windows 7 to Linux, the report calls above all the expected very high costs for the safe continued operation of the outdated system from Microsoft. Microsoft’s regular Windows 7 support officially ends in mid-January 2020, but the manufacturer also offers extended support over a three-year period, with license fees rising annually.
For the purchase of new computers and migration to Linux systems, the government estimates about 780 billion won (about 585 million euros). In addition to saving costs through the use of open source components, the government also wants to make the step more independent of a single vendor for the operating system used.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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