Antergos Linux Project Is Dead

Antergos Linux Project Is Dead


A group of developers started Antergos as a hobby project in 2012 and pushed the first release in July 2012 under the name Cinnarch. Later, it got its name Antergos and gained popularity as an Arch Linux-based distribution created for all the users.
In a development that will surprise the Antergos enthusiasts, the developers of the operating system have announced their plans to end the project. In other words, the Antergos 19.4 ISO refresh was the last release and the developers don’t wish to continue the project any further.
In their announcement post, the developers have mentioned that they don’t have enough free time to properly maintain Antergos and the regular updates weren’t being pushed. As they rightly mentioned, it would have been a “huge disservice to the community” if they had chosen to continue the Antergos project in a similar manner.
For those who are interested in numbers, the Antergos image has been downloaded about 1 million times since 2014, which is a pretty good number for a Linux distro that was being developed by volunteer developers.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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