System76’s supercharged Linux-powered Gazelle laptop is finally available

System76’s supercharged Linux-powered Gazelle laptop is finally available


Today is Thursday, which is one of the worst days of the week. I mean, I suppose it is better than Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but it can’t hold a candle to Friday, Saturday, or Sunday — otherwise known as the weekend. So, yeah, Thursday is typically not something to get excited about.
With all of that said, today is a pretty special Thursday for the Linux community. Why? Well, the System76 Gazelle laptop is finally available! This is a laptop we reported on last month, and at the time, System76 only promised it would be available in June 2019. Well, June 13 of 2019 is apparently the exact day it goes on sale, as you can get it now.
What makes this laptop so special (besides its pre-installed Linux-based operating system), is its impressive specifications. You see, System76 has supercharged it with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 Processor (9750H) and NVIDIA GTX 16-Series Graphics. It even has something the pricey MacBook Pro doesn’t — the ability to be configured with up to 64GB. Yeah, Apple’s laptop can only have a maximum of 32GB. Sad.The Gazelle can be configured with additional top specs, such as an NVMe SSD up to 2TB. Actually, it can accommodate two such drives, so you can theoretically have 4TB of speedy storage! You can opt for either a 15 or 17-inch display, both of which have a 1080p resolution. Regardless of screen size, you get a full keyboard too, meaning it has a number pad on the right. And yes, that keyboard is backlit — multi-color, even.
Ready to buy your own Gazelle and support the Linux community? You can configure your own with either Ubuntu or Pop!_OS pre-installed. Pricing starts at $1099, but of course, the cost will increase as you improve specs.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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