Progress report of the Android alternative / e /

Progress report of the Android alternative / e /


The Mandriva founder’s Android alternative initially went by the name of Eelo, before being renamed to / e /, with little search engine friendliness. Founded in early 2018, the mobile operating system was tested about a year ago on the first devices. In August, announced the project, the / e / on four refurbished Samsung Galaxy models S7, S7 Edge, S9 and S9 + can be ordered for purchase at prices of 279-479 euros in the in-house shop. All devices come with unlocked bootloader and one year warranty in the house. Currently, the project ships only in Europe.
Now Duval has released up-to-date information about the project. The mobile operating system has arrived at version / e / OS 0.7. It includes the / e / Android Application Installer, which is capable of installing over 60,000 Android apps. The project supports the installation of 85 different smartphones. A partner is also working to port / e / to a laptop.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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