Nextcloud 17 introduces Remote Wipe

Nextcloud 17 introduces Remote Wipe


Nextcloud is a server that enables secure data exchange and communication. The now released version 17 brings just over five months after Nextcloud 16 a number of innovations. One of the most important from the developer’s point of view is the ability to delete data on remote devices. The remote wipe functionality gives users the ability to delete content from their devices, even when they no longer have access to it. Among other things, sensitive data should be deleted on stolen or lost mobile devices. Other new features of Nextcloud 17 include customizations to IBM’s Spectrum Scale and Collabora Online. The connection to Nextcloud Talk has been improved and the establishment of two-factor authentication has been made easier. Also new is the ability to write LDAP entries.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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