SCaLE 14x, day 1: Shuttleworth delivers the grand vision for Ubuntu

SCaLE 14x, day 1: Shuttleworth delivers the grand vision for Ubuntu


Shuttleworth praised the differences and diversity in the Ubuntu community. He said the differences in what people are doing and their motivations is what makes the Ubuntu community strong. “There is a great misconception that Ubuntu is what I want,” he said. “It’s not. Ubuntu is the son of what many different diverse groups want. What we struggle and fight for is the framework for collaboration that enables people to get what they want.”
He then talked about how Ubuntu is innovating with changing times: they developed Snappy to offer a much more secure, sandboxed Ubuntu experience to enable people to use Ubuntu in a variety of devices such as drones, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart cars, etc.
During the Q&A session someone asked about people taking Ubuntu and creating their own stuff with it, by which I assume he meant by derivatives. Shuttleworth said that he thinks that’s a good thing; people can do whatever they want to do with Ubuntu. Then he also mentioned that they are trying to avoid Snappy having the fragmentation Android is experiencing, because irrespective of where you are running Snappy Ubuntu Core, you are running the same code everywhere.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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