GNU Nano 3.0 claims to read files 70% better with improved ASCII...

GNU Nano 3.0 claims to read files 70% better with improved ASCII text handling


he Linux landscape is undergoing changes and developments constantly. Fresh distro releases, updates, kernels and apps keep appearing continuously. This week also Linux released several updates including a significant new version of the open source text editor known as Nano 3.0, code named as “Water Flowing Underground”. GNU Nano is one of the most famous and efficient text editors that are terminal based. It is extremely convenient for beginners who need to deal with command line editing. Experience Nano users are able to gain even more advantages from it. The latest version GNU Nano 3.0 comes with various major improvements. According to GNU Nano news, the new version of GNU Nano 3.0 has a better file reading speed than before and gives 70% better reading speed. Not only this, the text editor also has a better ASCII text handling speed which is almost double than before.
This new update from Linux is expected to be available soon to all the major distros of Linux.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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