full circle – the podcast ?

full circle – the podcast ?



Are you a keen podcaster?
Think you can create an interesting and friendly Ubuntu podcast?

Then why not submit a proposal to be the official full circle podcast?

Before you submit a proposal, read these terms! You would be creating a podcast using the full circle name so you must agree to:

  • the podcast should be created using only free software (the magazine is! we recommend audacity for editing)
  • the podcast should contain absolutely no swearing
  • the podcast should be aimed at beginner to intermediate *buntu users
  • the podcast should be in both MP3 and OGG format
  • the podcast will be mentioned in the magazine so the podcast should mention the magazine
  • the podcast should be submitted for review before release. We will never censor the podcast but we do want to make sure the presenters aren’t blackening the full circle name!

Your proposal should contain:
How do you plan on producing it?
What length would the podcast be? And what will it contain?
Why should there be another linux podcast?
Where are your presenters located? (use Skype for worldwide groups)
When would you release it? Which day? How often?

And anything else you think will impress us 🙂

The presenters of the podcast decide on the content, not us.

Closing date for proposals: Wed. 31st October.

Submit your proposals in this thread on Ubuntu Forums.

Approximately one week later we will announce the team who will be making the official full circle podcast!

If you have any questions about the terms or your proposal, feel free to email me, Ronnie (Editor).


  1. Kudos to whichever marketing person coined the name ‘Podcast’.
    But since the term Podcast references the iPod, which is a proprietary device, why call them ‘Podcasts’? Why not just call them ‘audiocasts’?

    Ronnie : probably comes from the word ‘broadcast’ but don’t quote me on that… 😀

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