Full Circle Gameathon!

Full Circle Gameathon!


So here’s the plan:

  • I post Ronnie’s idea and take all the credit for it 😀
  • You guys come up with a selection of free and open source online games that we could play.
  • After a week or so, or after we have enough ideas, I’ll post again (on our forum) with a poll so we can vote for a game.
  • Once we have decided on a game, we’ll find a victim kind person to host a Full Circle tournament, then come up with some rules.
  • We’ll set up a leaderboard, and we can compete for the title of “Full Circle Gamer of the Month” (or a better title if you can come up with one).
  • The person that is leading at the time of the magazines release will be crowned with the monthly title we decide on.
  • At the end of the year, the person that has won the most months will get “Full Circle Gamer of the Year”!

We may also rotate the game each month, or every couple of months, depending on how it goes. If we do this we’ll create a new poll so a new Game can be decided on.

Put your game idea on this post here on our forum… 

Let the games BEGIN!  😀


  1. Nice! I think Wesnoth would be cool for it, as well as Cube, AssaultCube, and OpenArena (nexuis and Saurbraten don’t run well on my laptop. *stares at half-built quad-core gaming monster while drooling*

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