Issue 14 is out!

Issue 14 is out!


Correction: On page 32, the boot option aspci=force should actually be acpi=force.  Sorry for any problems!

This month, we’re proud to introduce a new column, Command and Conquer. We’ll be taking a look at the command line and hopefully how to make it a little less scary for you.

Other stuff:

  • How-To : Create an Ubuntu Plug ‘n’ Play Zone, Create Your Own Server Part 6, Using GIMP Part 3 and Put Photos on your iPod.
  • Command and Conquer – Man pages, and what not to type.
  • My Opinion – Excited About Ubuntu in South East India
  • MOTU Interview – Soren Hansen
  • Our usual: Letters, Q & A, My Desktop, Top 5, and more!
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  1. On page 32, it is suggested that the user use the option ascpi=force. This is the wrong option. It is acpi=force.

    Secondly, the user is told to put the entry under the xubuntu line in his/her menu.lst. If the option is put there, it will be overwritten next kernel update. Look for a line starting with defoptions and add it to the end of that line. Then run sudo update-grub. Every kernel update, the update-grub utility regenerates menu.lst. It will read the defoptions line and add thos entries as kernel options automatically.
    Rob: corrections added. Thanks!

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