Digg! Digg damn you!

Digg! Digg damn you!


32x32-digg-guyThank you to all the people who are voting for us on Digg, but we need more votes. Within 24hrs, we’ve had nearly 2,000 downloads, but less than fifty Diggs, that means only one in forty is voting. It’s even less on Reddit and SlashDot! As I write this, Robert is in tears and threatening to do evil things to kittens and puppies.

The more votes we get on Digg/Reddit/Slashdot, the more exposure we can get for Full Circle magazine. The more exposure we get, the more new readers, and possibly converts, we get. So come on people, vote! VOTE!

So, no excuses, here’s the links:





  1. For the record, I have no intention of harming any kittens or puppies. I can’t say the same for Ronnie’s though 😛

  2. If I don’t see those Digg votes going up all kittens and puppies are in mortal danger, and the readers will have the outcome on their conscience… you mark my words! 😀

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