1. Hi Admin

    Thank for your effort that appear in any new issue
    for the magazine and the amazing info that we find
    but be aware from the new magazine that also appear
    to be competitive to your magazine, and new magazine
    that will compete with my magazine is called ” Ubuntu
    User ” here is the website http://www.ubuntu-user.com .

    Thanks to all the editor that spend the time to write for
    all the fans how to be up todate .

    Thanks &

  2. Just curious, but why aren’t all the file names to your PDF files the same? A few of them in the beginning are slightly different. After that, it tends to follow the “issueXX.pdf” format. Also, would be nice if you offered a “ZIP” format for all them bundled together.

    Anyhoo…great stuff! Love the content. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

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