Quick download page update

Quick download page update


We’ve slightly tweaked our downloads page. The page should be full-width (finally!) and there’s also an extremely beta option to download an archive of issues.



  1. Firstly many thanks for all the work you do. Your new feature (see above) of an archive download seems to me to be an excellent idea…as you say though it is a beta and has some bugs.

    I tried to download the full archive of English language issues


    …however you server output a fatal error due to lack of sufficient memory for the operation…a shame as it looked like the code was working as it should.

    Again, many thanks for all you do.

  2. Eeeh. One of the disadvantages of having a low-memory hosting plan. WordPress doesn’t need that much, but I guess I never foresaw the need for things like this.

    Anyways, I switched to a less memory intensive compression and it should work better. But if not, all of the issues have been renamed according to the “issue##_{language}.pdf” scheme, so they should be easy to batch download.

  3. Thanks for your reply (and sorry for the double posting above.)

    Unfortunately the full archive still doesn’t work…still due to insufficient memory. “Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 242280449 bytes)”. following the suggestion you gave in your reply (above) I downloaded the issues one at a time (to be exact I automated it with wget.)

    Thanks again.

  4. Hello. I agree with Sachin. It would be nicer if the PDFs were listed with the most recent versions at the top.

    Also, the PDF link for issue #21 (English version) is broken.

    Thank you for putting together this great publication. I have really enjoyed it.

  5. This comment is in regards to downloading any issue to Windows 7. I have never been able to download any issue of the magazine. I have been receiving email announcing each new issue, but the download button does not initiate a download cycle. Never has woked on any issue. Are Windows 7 users able to download this nice magazine?

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