It’s number 42!

It’s number 42!


“What’s the most recent issue of Full Circle Magazine?”


See, 42 really is the answer to everything.   We’ve got issue #42 out for all of our readers and it’s packed with all the goodness you’ve come to expect from a FCM issue.  This month, we’ve got an exciting new feature called Linux Lab.  Take a look!  Besides that, though, we’ve got:

  • Command and Conquer.
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 16, Virtualize Part 5 – Arch Linux, and Organise Your Photos.
  • Review – MoonOS and Kubuntu 10.10.
  • Top 5 – Alternatives To Gnome.
  • Readers Survey 2010 Results!
  • NEW: Linux Lab
  • plus: Interviews, Ubuntu Games, My Opinion, My Story, and much much more!

What are you waiting for? Go grab it from the downloads section!


  1. Another stunning job, Ronnie. Perhaps one of the best issues ever. Editor, survey compiler and lab-tech, you deserve a medal. A round one. With some swirly bits… RC

  2. Page 35, Translation interview, to a portuguese/brazilian translator: the flag above is a Spanish flag. please, change that before someone gets upset.

    Greetings from Spain!

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