Surprise! Python Special Edition #02

Surprise! Python Special Edition #02


Full Circle Magazine – Python Special Edition #02

This special edition is a reprint of the Python articles from FCM#09 – #16

Grab it from:

Many thanks to Robin (podcast) Catling for creating these with his PDF magick.


  1. There’s a small problem with that PDF. – It starts with the first page from Part 9, but that’s followed by the rest of Part 8!
    The rest of the file from Part 10 onwards is correct though.

  2. Hi, I really enjoy reading your magazine on my new Android tablet, although I would be keen on a more automated way to download them.
    Is it possible you could register then upload your existing backlog of magazines to Google books? Then upload new episodes as part of your release procedure.
    Information on registering for Google books can be found here:

    Thanks, Ken

  3. Description says it’s a reprint of articles from FCM #9-16, but that’s wrong. It’s a reprint of parts 9-16 of the series, from FCM #35-42.
    So… why did you start the reprint with Part 9? That seems rather odd to me. Would love to see 1-8 get printed in a single volume as well. And of course 17-24 when the time comes.

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