Full Circle issue 53 is here!

Full Circle issue 53 is here!


This month:

* Command and Conquer.
* How-To : Program in Python – Part 27, LibreOffice – Part 8, Backup Strategy – Part 1, GRAMPS – Part 2, and Ubuntu For Business & Education – Part 2.
* Linux Lab – ZoneMinder CCTV – Part 2.
* Review – Linux Mint 11.
* I Think – With the rise of internet email, do we still need an email client installed by default?
plus: Ubuntu Games, My Story, and much much more!

PLEASE NOTE: Apologies for the blank columns in this issue. Richard is MIA, and I have the flu

Get it while it’s hot!



  1. Hate to admit this but I don’t have a clue as how to read this Full Circle Magazine. What are the steps for opening these articles, in particular, the Email by Default article. Thanks

  2. I am an avid follower of Full Circle, but I have to admit, it is often quite a tease to find out just how to read it!

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