Full Circle Magazine – Issue #58 out NOW!

Full Circle Magazine – Issue #58 out NOW!


This month:

* Command and Conquer.
* How-To : Beginning Python – Part 30, LibreOffice – Part 12, Backup Strategy – Part 6, Screencast Your Desktop, and The Paperless Office.
* Linux Lab – Useful Investigative Tools.
* Review – Linux Mint 12
* I Think – Which Mobile OS.
* Closing Windows – Formatting a USB Device
plus: more Ubuntu Games, My Desktop, My Opinion, My Story, and much much more!

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  1. Just found your magazine, and I like it, a lot 8-D
    Subbsciption? Done! Member? Done! Facebook – Like? Done!
    Written an article? Nope, maybe´in the future – Something about Xubuntu, Lubunto or Fuduntu
    which are the distros I use with Xubuntu as the favourite.

    Two things:
    Is there any plan of publishing the LibreOffice tutorial as one PDF-file with all parts?
    Have you covered anything about kompiling your own distro?

    The last Q is a bit off-topic but I’d like to learn to do it and as I try a lot of different distros
    I would like to do “My Xubuntu” with the looks, feel and software of my choice, and just
    be able to install it again after a crash duing testing.

    Take care out there /PW

    • Thanks for the likes and what-not! 🙂

      We probably will publish several LibreOffice special editions as it seems to be very popular with people. We can’t put all the parts into just one PDF though as it’d end up being a huge download.

      I don’t think we’ve ever done anything about compiling/creating a custom distro, but if anyone out there wants to write something about it for a future issue, feel free!

  2. After reading numbers #56 and #57 in my ebook (EPUB format), I expected the EPUB version of #58, but there’s not even a “coming soon” note. Aren’t you releasing the magazine in this format anymore? Please note that PDF is not the best format for an ebook (and I’m talking about a real ebook, not an Ipad or other kind of tablet).

  3. I love the paperless office article need more like that I try and use Linux in my small home office that was really what I was needing. Sense I read that article I have gotten ride of 4 years worth old bills and other papers and now have them in PDF format on my file server. I have waited for someone to write about that part of office work for a while now and all I can say is THANK YOU to the writer and to Fullcircle.

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