Google Play download figures

Google Play download figures


Yes, I know a lot of you bemoan the fact that Google Play requires a credit card to sign up for, but it does give FCM some good exposure. Most folks with Android devices will inevitably sign up for Play for buying something. An app, a book, something!

Anyway, to prove a point, and because I had nothing better to do yesterday afternoon, here are some download figures for FCM:

Most 'purchased' issue.
Most ‘purchased’ issue.

Even when it’s free Play still calls it a purchase. When looking at the above figures, remember that some issues have been up longer than others. So, having #91 or #92 low on the list isn’t surprising since the other issues have been available for longer.

Sorted by issue then country.
Sorted by issue then country.

This one shows which country has the most downloads for each issue. The US then UK hold the top spots (respectively) while the rest are up for grabs.

And remember: those figures are only for Google Play. Google Play and Issuu are two really good ways of getting extra downloads/views outside of the main site.


  1. In Germany you don’t need a credit card – just buy a Google play card at the supermarket and put in the code at the site to buy something.

  2. In Croatia, you don’t need a credit card on Play for apps/games and movies, if you are fine with the gratis stuff. But if you try to sign up for Google Play Music, it asks you for a credit card even if you don’t plan on buying any music and just syncing your own… O_o
    And about Play Books, we still don’t have access to that part of Google Play… :-/
    Indeed, Google is a unique experience for everyone. 😀

  3. I don’t think I used a credit card to sign up for Google Play here in Canada. Also Walmart department stores here carry Google Play cards (the same way they carry iTunes cards) so people don’t need a credit card to purchase Play Store apps.

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