Full Circle now available on Magzter

Full Circle now available on Magzter


A new place to read Full Circle is Magzter.com (HERE).

FCM-on-MagzterThis means that you can download the Magzter app and read FCM on your Android/iOS/Windows device and via their website. Us being in landscape mode messes with their system a bit, but it’s still more than readable.

FCM99-on-MagzterMore importantly, it means that it’s another avenue with which to promote FCM and get more readers. Magzter distribues some of the largest, and most well known, magazines out there.

At the moment only FCM#99 is available FCM#95 – FCM#99 are available, but I’ll upload more issues over time.

Full Circle on Magzter is at: http://www.magzter.com/publishers/Full-Circle


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