We NEED your articles!

We NEED your articles!


It’s that time again. The one where I have to beg readers to send in articles to keep FCM going.

We need:

  • HOW-TO – It could be a simple application or a complex piece of software. Either way, someone out there will want to know how to work it. It doesn’t have to be a long series of articles. It can be just one, or several, on how to do the basics.
  • REVIEWS – Take a critical look at something that you use/have. Whether it be a simple application, a game, a book, some hardware, or a more complex piece of software there are others out there who wonder if it’s any good. Give some pros and cons, and give it a rating out of five (eg: 4.5 out of 5).
  • OPINIONS – Give your opinion on ANYTHING Ubuntu/Linux related. Hopefully, it’ll spark a discussion with other readers who may have the same, or a differing, opinion
  • DESKTOP – Send in a screenshot of your current desktop, but please include some information on how you got that look (icons, wallpaper, etc.)
  • ANYTHING – If there’s something you want to write about, but it doesn’t fit in any of the regular FCM categories still send it in. We can create whole new categories if need be.

Don’t be shy. We have a team of excellent proof-readers who will edit your articles to weed out any mistakes you may make. They’re the only reason my articles become readable!


  • email your articles in as either a LibreOffice file (ODT) or as a link to a Google Docs file. Woe betides anyone who sends in a Microsoft Office .DOC file!   😉
  • Don’t do any fancy layout or rely on bold/italics as I have to do that in Scribus
  • Put all terminal commands on a new line. One command per line.
  • Unless something is a long rant/ramble/discussion you need to include some screenshots/photos to show what you’re doing. Preferably JPG and no wider than 1000 pixels
  • Don’t forget to put your name at the top of the article. You’d be amazed at how many I get with no name on them! Also, and this is not a requirement, put a quick 20-30 word bio, about you, at the end.

Send your articles to: ronnie@legacy.fullcirclemagazine.org


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