Full Circle Weekly News #00


    Full Circle Weekly News
    Full Circle Weekly News
    Full Circle Weekly News #00

    The beta test version.

    This all began because I (Ronnie) was looking for a news only podcast for FOSS/Linux/Ubuntu, and found nothing. So, like the fool I am, I thought: why not start one! And here it is.

    DISCLAIMER: I’m no professional announcer/podcaster, as you’ll hear, so I’m still new at this. Constructive criticism is welcome.

    Is this something you’d listen to, and I should keep doing? Let me know via email: ronnie@legacy.fullcirclemagazine.org.



    Episode #00

    News compiled by Arnfried Walbrecht, and read by Ronnie Tucker.

    Ubuntu aims for true convergence across devices in 2016

    Linux Foundation to Develop Hyperledger along with Others

    Mycroft Open Sources Artificial Intelligence Library for IoT Devices

    Ubuntu Touch to Support Encryption of User Data

    What’s new and nifty in Linux 4.4

    AT&T Adopts Canonical’s Ubuntu in Push to Replace Proprietary Systems with Open-Source Tech

    Google chairman Eric Schmidt says artificial intelligence platforms can ‘change the world’

    China’s Baidu Releases Its AI Code



    Intro: “Weapons” – Cory Gray

    News Beeps – johnnytal

    Teletype – Halleck


    1. Even before listening to the podcast my initial reaction is “where’s the feed URL so I can put it into my podcatcher”.

    2. The news (content) is good and I would subscribe but the sound effects are really annoying between each story and the music interspersed with voice at the outset was hard to hear. In its present form with the sound effects I would not subscribe.

    3. Your voice is very hard to hear at the outset with the music playing at the same time. play your intro music and then turn it off and start speaking. Also remove the annoying sound effects between each news story. the content is great but the sounds effects detract from the message. If you made these changes I would subscribe but if I had to hear the sounds effects between every news story I wouldn’t.

      • Thanks for the input. Things like the music and fx are why I wanted to do an episode 0 to test the waters. Will probably remove the fx between stories then as most folks seem to be against it.

    4. Thank you Ronnie, liked your Scottish brogue. I did listen to the whole podcast. Enjoyed it. Yes I would listen to such casts out here in western Canada.
      Peace and joy, and thank you again. Liam

    5. Once I got used to the brogue (Scottish I think) it was interesting. Keep working on it. Do away with the 50’s TTY sound effect!

    6. Mr Tucker
      While the accuracy of your podcast and timings were good, your strong accent made it difficult for a Canadian like me to concentrate on the content. You roll your R’s and have strong local tainting in pronounciations.

      Many times a printed work allows inclusion of a diagram, of a portrait of new hardware, or even a cartoon. A podcaster must have a BBC pronounciation.

      Sorry, I’ll stay with the printed word.

    7. Ronnie,
      Here in central Ohio, where our ears are as flat-tuned as is our boring accent, it is a delight to listen to a Scot as a podcaster, although a wee bit difficult at first. We are two peoples separated by a common language, I’d say. I’d agree with others that the sound effects are less than effective.

    8. Ronnie;
      I enjoyed the posdcast format while working on other items. It seems to be another good idea from your desk. Don’t worry about those who find it difficult to listen because of your accent. No problems if your pay attention and concentrate some.

      I agree with the gentleman who was a little annoyed with the teletype sound byte between messages. Maybe use once in a while or part of it?? However, don’t give up on finding some audio transitions (maybe some CW (Morse Code) or 2400 baud or the old Ham teletype ?).

    9. I read a whole lot faster than voice speeds. Text & graphs etc I can copy, save, compare, forward, etc.

      Video is useless for all that.

    10. I love the idea. I have more time to listen to a podcast than read. I would subscribe. A podcast of the content of full circle would be great too.

    11. This is a nicely organized podcast with good quality audio. The show notes are great, but they could use time stamps for those who want to listen to only a few of the items. I hope you decided to do more of these.

    12. I liked the podcast, but a short, soft ping between news stories would be good. How about an app of the week? Thank you.

    13. Ronnie, well done, I did find the clarity improved as my ears got attuned, or you became more relaxed.
      I congratulate you on your approach and your willingness to take chances, so keep things rolling along and we will follow..

    14. Dear Ronnie,
      Heard Full Circle Weekly News #00. Found it very listenable and useful to get the information in nut&shell!
      Well effort Sir. I appreciate it.
      Topic changing music is typically novel and better diverting the attention of the listener.
      Please keep it up.
      Prof. Navin Talati /17-01-2016

    15. Good selection of topics. I feel 5-6 mins would be good – just giving a rapid gist of stuff happening. We can then explore. The sound effects could be better. I am going to download a podcast app. Yours is my first podcast and I like it.

    16. Hi Ronnie,
      I like the News format, it was interesting and saved me from searching for news myself.
      I agree with others about talking over the intro music and sound effects. For me, the sound effects were too loud, perhaps quieter and it might have been OK?
      I would definitely subscribe, keep up the great work…

    17. Hi Ronnie,

      I gave it a listen. I found it interesting but I prefer news with links.
      That is harder to do with a podcast. ☺

      I like to read the news but I rarely listen to it. There are a couple of
      fellows that do a HAM telecast on youtube. I tried that too but no longer
      watch it unless they are at a Hamfest or doing a software defined receiver
      show and tell. There is the Linuxguy who demonstrates different flavours of
      Linux as they come out. He is very good and has encouraged me to load some
      versions to try.

      I am currently using MX Linux on my little eeepc laptop and I would have to
      agree with him. It has every thing I need, good utilities and an okay
      desktop. If I can fix the screen on my I5 I will try the 64 bit version.

      Thanks Ronnie,


    18. Thanks for it. I enjoy it but I also agree that sound effects are a bit distracting and make us loose focus on the topics you are commenting.
      Keep the good work.

    19. Interesting podcast, Ronnie. I had a bit of a problem listening to you via speakers, partly due to your accent and partly due to my hearing (or progressively less hearing ability). I switched to headphones and both problems disappeared. I had to concentrate a bit to understand you but that was actually somewhat enjoyable (i.e., your accent). If you continue with the podcast, I would become a listener. As others have stated, dump the TTY sound (young people might not even know what a TTY is or what that has to do with news). Do have some sort of “bing” sound or whatever to separate the news items.

    20. Content is good, brogue is good, teletype not so. I’d be a regular!
      Next time though, think I’ll toss back a bit of Clan MacGregor and enjoy!


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