1. Letter or A4 format? Who cares – it’s great information! It appears a considerable amount of time was devoted to each issue and I never understood what the real problem was with A4 – my browser and the resultant print out (Old Guy, Likes Paper) was just fine. In fact, to receive such wonderfully organized information on my favorite flavor of Linux – and for free – is fantastic!

    The publication is well focused and very welcomed in my life. All I could ask for is a Mandarin translated version to help my wife better appreciate Ubuntu.

  2. The entire world, except the US and a few other countries, use A4 instead of Letter. Yet the default in too many programs is still Letter, disregarding the default printer page setup or the user’s country setting.
    OK, a lot of programs and documentation are made in the US, but they seldom respect the fact that the rest of the world uses another paper size.
    Since most PDF readers can resize a page to fit to a given paper size, why spend more energy, bandwith and disk space on a second page format than I am spending on this unconstructive rant?
    Sarcasm: “Why not convert to 4/3 and 19/10 screen sizes?”
    For a positive note, I agree with Reply #1.

  3. I appreciate that there is an edition for both printer types.

    The file size has got to be tiny, and the guy who made the reformatting must have take all of about two minutes.

    And if your argument is that the US disregards the rest of the world in making Letter Size formats, don’t you think the Linux community should take the high ground and desire to include everyone, including the American Linux users? I am not saying that A4 should be ignored, but don’t intentionally make thing hard for Americans who have a harder time switching from Microsoft because of the formatting issues over here.

    I have gone through KPDF, Document Viewer, and several other PDF readers before this became an issue for me. I applaud Mr. Hill for his work, and appreciate his willingness to make formatting for American printers a little easier.

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