Hello Everyone…

Hello Everyone…


Hi guys. I am Matthew Rossi, and I will be the host of The Full Circle Podcast.

Now, I’m assuming that we all can’t wait for Episode 1 to come out, right?

You will find out more about the Podcast in Issue #7 of Full Circle.  It will be released on the 30th.

Do you have ideas for the show? Then check out our Ubuntu Wiki Page. There is a section called IdeasTank where you can place your suggestions as detailed on the page.

Questions? They can go to podcast@legacy.fullcirclemagazine.org

Want to see my other webpages? Go to my claimID which lists every last one of them.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my Ubuntu Wiki bio.

I can’t wait to bring you Episode 1, this will be fantastic. Thank you for adopting me into the Full Circle community

Gxis la revido!
(Esperanto for ‘See you Later!’)

Matthew Rossi
Host, Full Circle Podcast


  1. so glad to be here..
    i am new in ubuntu,even linux but i am very interested in this free OS…
    i’m willing to make friends here,thx!

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