The Full Circle Podcast needs Panelists!

The Full Circle Podcast needs Panelists!


Saluton Amikojn! (Esperanto for Hello Friends!)

In order to encourage discussion on the topics, and to keep me company whilst recording, I am looking for a group of co-hosts for our panel. Podcasting experience isn’t necessary (although it is helpful), but if you have a passion for *buntu topics, are a positive and opinionated person, then we want your application!

Email your applications to podcast [AT] We can’t wait to have you on the show!

PS: Podcast related topics will be discussed at the next General Meeting. If you are interested, please attend if you can. I’m sure that Ron would like some company 😉

EDIT: Hi guys.  We have plenty of applications at the present time.  I have responded to those who have sent emails, and some of those guys will be on Episode 10 of The Penguin Central Podcast.  Thank you for your quick response!


  1. Hi there!
    I think Full Circle Magazine is going in the right way with this kind of initiatives.
    Sometimes I feel like the regular-Joe opinion isn’t heard among all the crowd that is the Open Source Community.

    I would like to participate, but, unfortunately, I’m a good help since my podcasting experience is as good as zero, and I don’t have a good mic (“laptop ones are sad..” *turns it off*), AND I’m not experienced in Ubuntu, since I’ve been only trying it out for a couple of years now, but I’m not an advanced user.

    I think I’ll help out sharing with my written ideas and suggestions for what I think it should be a good open source, free and friendly OS, such as Ubuntu. Yes, the love is shared to all the other *buntus too. 🙂

    By the way, “Saluton Amikojn” is very similar to “Saudações Amigos”, in our language (and has the same meaning).
    Guess I’ll search a book on “Esperanto For Dummies”.

    Greetings from Portugal and a BIG thanks for the amazing job you all have been doing!

  2. What is your meaning ?
    and I want to do that very much !
    But I really don’t know whether I can manage it .

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