Full Circle #84 – Making Apple Useful!

Full Circle #84 – Making Apple Useful!


This month:
* Command & Conquer
* How-To : Python, Establish An OpenVPN Connection, and Put Ubuntu On A Mac.
* Graphics : Blender and Inkscape.
* Review: Arduino Starter Kit
* Security Q&A
* What Is: CryptoCurrency
* NEW! – Open Source Design
plus: Q&A, Linux Labs, Ask The New Guy, Ubuntu Games, and another competition!

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  1. As an owner of a MacBook Pro and a user of Ubuntu on a number of systems, I take offense at the headline of this issue. “Make an Apple Device Useful!” seems like the sort of platform bashing that was once a major part of Windows vs. Mac flamewars and something that we have, thankfully, moved past for the most part.

    Before posting this, I did read the article and thought that the author took a balanced view with regard to his preference for Ubuntu over Mac OS X. The argument of whether an open system is inherently better has and will continue to be debated elsewhere, but at least there was no denigration of the Mac as a platform like the headline would infer.

  2. John, if I may say so, you have summed up quite well my perspective when writing the article. No “platform-bashing”, nor indeed any “OS-bashing” were intended. It is more a question of exploring all the options available, and see what good can come out of them. Perhaps a title such as “Make an _older, no longer supported_ Apple device useful” would have been better balanced, in line with my final thoughts – though shorter titles often carry more impact.

    Ronnie does poke some fun at himself in the editorial, so I guess his humour cuts both ways. 😉


    • I agree with both of you. I don’t print any ‘bashing’ articles in FCM.

      Having said that, we still need to keep a sense of humour about things! That (to me) is one of the great down sides of Linux/FOSS; the complete lack of humour in most things.

      I purposely say in my Editorial that it’s a ‘cheeky’ headline. A nod and a wink if you will.

  3. Ronnie, I am so glad that you removed the unrealistic text on the last page(i.e the text which said FCM is available from U1 and USC, which it isn’t since long ago).Secondly, if you insist on shortning already shortened askubuntu links, use x.co, saves 2 characters 😉

    Why is Ubuntu women always “back next month”?

    sad to here that you are running out of articles. Maybe I’ll review some ignored, out of sight Linux OS(ubuntu based) or a steam game some time soon. But maybe you should consider expanding FCM outside Ubuntu world.

    Before you start thinking I am some wicked critic, I’ll end my message here.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Aditya,
      I had hoped the USC would quickly update its submission process, but it seems to be taking ages.
      The shortening of the URL’s is just to keep things a bit shorter and neater there. We’re digital, so we’ve no shortage of space thankfully. 🙂
      Regarding articles, anyone can write about anything. I’ve written about Android and the Arduino (amongst other things) so while we’re mainly Ubuntu I still welcome articles on other Linux distros too.
      And, yes, feel free to review any software you might use whether it be applications, or games.
      Thanks for reading FCM!

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