So you want to buy a Meizu MX4 huh?

So you want to buy a Meizu MX4 huh?


Well, you need to show you’re up for the challenge of owning an Ubuntu phone.

From tomorrow today you’ll be able to buy the Meizu MX4, but only if you earn an invite. When you first visit the site you’ll see some hotspots on the origami themed wall.


If you’re lucky enough to find a hotspot with an invite then you’ll be able to cash in that invite and buy a brand spanking new MX4.


The invites are randomly generated, and if you’re not lucky enough to find one then you can try again over several days.

The idea behind it is to limit the amount of buyers, but without doing flash sales (thank God!) and making sure that people realise that it’s an Ubuntu phone they’re buying, and not an Android device.

It’s a novel idea, but I just hope there’s enough invites and units to supply the demand.


  1. What I find absolutely interesting is that Meizu mention with no word that their phone runs a Linux-based operating system, neither will one find the word Ubuntu on their website. If it were not for blog posts like this one, nobody would know that Meizu build and sell Ubuntu phones…

  2. Sadly they sell only in the EU and not in “Europe” where we are in Switzerland, Norway, etc.

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